Miami: Life in Colour

For those who have never visited Miami before, it’s a young, energetic and colourful place that is full of life. Its unique location at the tip of continental North America, nestled between the Caribbean and Mexico, gives it the unofficial status as the regional ‘hub’ of Latin America.

This fortune of geography plays out in many ways, with none more evident than the vibrant mix of people and cultures that have settled in Miami, bringing a diverse range of varied lifestyle influences in every aspect, from food to music, fashion and much, much more.

In fact, the city is not one place but several places, which helps to make it the thriving metropolis that it is. Most famous of all is South Beach, with its Art Deco quarter with retro boutiques hotels. Downtown is more corporate, with skyscrapers full of offices that have breathtaking views of Miami Harbor. Massive cruise ships and incredible private yachts line the vast inlet-infused shoreline. In fact, each of Miami’s neighbourhoods has a unique appeal and distinctive character, and the best way to sample them is quite simple to get out there and soak them up.

Yet, for everything that makes Miami different, some things are universal and bind it together. Tropical winds, palm trees, smothering summertime heat and a bright clear sunlight that bleaches and blisters. It’s the sun that helps to add emphasis to one of the most noticeable features of the area – the unashamed use of bold, true hue colour that is emblazoned on everything.

Unlike the cold, grey extremes of the Northern hemisphere, Miami is bathed in brilliant sunlight for most of the year, with tropical temperatures to match. This creates the perfect setting for bold colour to come to life in an array of zesty shades that are impossible to escape. Colour is used extensively on buildings, in homes and restaurants, and most noticeably on people – on casual clothing of all descriptions.

Right now, Miami’s shops are full of bold colour. And even though it’s back on trend for Spring 2013 everywhere, in this place it always is. Colour is what creates the youthful backdrop to the region, and is part of what makes it the experience it is.

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