The Luxe Revival

Luxe retailers have always had an established, older generation of loyal followers, but according to recent reports they are experiencing a sales boost from an unexpected quarter, with 18-29 year olds no longer just lusting after these high-end goods, but actually buying them too.

Generation Y (youth) consumers ramped up their spending on premium brands by 33% in 2011, highlighting that although this generation may not have as much money as their predecessors, they are actually choosing to spend their cash on high-end key pieces such as bags, shoes and jewellery.

Members of the Luxe crowd who are paving the way for these savvy young shoppers have focused their attentions on digital and social media to engage with this younger generation of consumer. Most notable is Burberry, demonstrating its understanding of this generation with smart use of the latest technology: flagship stores that stream live catwalk shows on huge screens, sales assistants with iPads able to place immediate customer orders and an army of Facebook followers who get rewarded with exclusive new product samples, has all helped to reconnect this 156-year-old brand with a new breed of customer.