Valentine’s VM in the States

Valentine’s Day is becoming an ever more lucrative marketing opportunity with every passing year, and has now become one that many retailers on both sides of the Atlantic cannot afford to miss out on.

However, effective Valentine’s VM takes a little more effort than simply spraying everything red and pink. On a recent trip to the US, we snapped a collection of some of the best examples of the theme being used, both for windows and in store.

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Love is in the air?

Year on year it’s becoming ever more apparent that the Valentine’s Day opportunity is being taken up by more than just retailers of chocolates, flowers and lingerie – and this year is no exception!

On our travels we have seen a lot more of the less obvious retail categories jumping on the Valentine’s bandwagon, including homewares, watchmakers, chemists, independent beauty shops and even garden centres.

It seems that Valentine’s Day is worth investing in, with retailers committing to bold in-store graphics, innovative window displays and bespoke props – a very definite step up from the usual cardboard POS update.

Click here to see a selection of the Valentine’s displays we have seen already this year.

A Valentine’s Day boost

The time for romance is here again, with the chance for Valentine’s Day to provide a welcome boost to retailers, by encouraging the British public to open their wallets as well as their hearts!

It’s the first significant seasonal event of the year and an important opportunity for retailers to kick-start their 2012 promotions. Eye-catching window displays and original and innovative in-store VM techniques will be what separates the good from the bad, and what gets the shoppers inspired to spend their hard-earned money on something special.

Click here to see a selection of some of the better Valentine’s displays we have seen over the years.

The 14th also has added importance for us as it’s when the next episode of The Fixer airs on BBC Two, featuring the Visual Thinking team working alongside Alex Polizzi to completely revamp a family furniture business in Leeds. See the episode on BBC Two at 8pm.

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